Photography Club and IEEE Electronics wing of GC University Lahore brings 1st Mega-Event of its own kind; all Pakistan competition; Nerds of Arts, Gurus of Science. Photography Club GC University Lahore and IEEE (Electronics wing of GC University Lahore) will organize three days mega event on 20th, 21st and 22nd of July 2011. The events included in this episode are as follow:

Art Events

1.            Photography
2.            Photo essay
4.            Short film
5.            Dramatics
6.            Sketching
7.            Painting
8.            Mime
9.            Dress designing
10.          Short story
11.          Poetry
12.          Recycling
13.          Funny Dubbing
14.          General Quiz
15.          Sculpture

Electronics Events
16.          Robotic Race
17.          Robotic War
18.          Speed wiring
19.          Speed programming
20.          Circuit designing
21.          Project exhibition
22.          Best Proposed Technical Solution of a Problem
23.          Best Idea
24.          Technical quiz
25.          E-Gaming

Nerds of Arts and Gurus of Science: an all Pakistan mega event brings prospects to assemble all national level talents under one roof. NERDS OF ART GURUS OF SCIENCE ’11 for the first time in GCU, Lahore brings you the most eloquent event. The purpose of this event is to provide students of all Pakistan the prospect and future of the nation; a forum for free exchange of ideas, an environment to showcase your exceptional skills in the fields of Art and Technology. A platform to recognize your talent and come together to celebrate your passion for it. Nationwide participants can  compete with one another, trading ideas, sharing knowledge; united with their passion for creativity and innovation.                                                                                                             

This event is meant to be the primary outlet for students who want to express themselves in different forms and polish their skills; thereby streamlining their creative enthusiasm towards meaningful end products. We encourage all of you to heartily embrace the experience of NAGS’11, and to become involved yourself as participants.

Astro Fest (moon sighting + planet sighting) will also commence on the night of July 20th; get a chance to learn more about Astronomy, Astrology and the hidden mysteries of the universe. The event involves renowned astronomers of Pakistan who'll be setting one of the biggest telescopes in Asia.

A social night has been planned after the award ceremony, including musical performances and a formal farewell dinner.

Accommodation for participants outside of Lahore will be provided for 4 days.

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